Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer albums?

Yes, we end up making albums for about 75% of our couples. Albums are custom designed by us. You receive an online proof of the design. Once you receive the proof, you will be able to make any changes that you want. Once you think it's perfect, it goes to print and gets delivered to your doorstep. These albums are absolutely gorgeous!

Do you carry a backup camera?

I get this question a lot, and simply saying yes does not explain how careful I am about protecting your images. To simply answer the question, yes, I carry multiple backups of my camera bodies. I also carry backup lenses, flashes, memory cards, cables, stands, and batteries.
But just carrying backup equipment is not enough. I take many more steps to ensure that these priceless recorded memories are safe at all times.
For starters, my cameras record onto 2 memory cards simultaneously. That means that in the extremely rare occurrence that a memory card fails or breaks, there is another card recording a copy of everything throughout the entire day. Once I get home from the wedding, all of the digital files are downloaded and backed up onto 3 separate hard drives. One of these drives is taken off site. The entire time that I am working on your digital files, two additional copies of your images are stored in two different different locations.

How many images will we receive?

A typical wedding day ends up being about 800 edited digital files

Are all of your digital files edited?

Yes, every single images gets special attention. I color correct each and every image. Other editing steps for each image include adjusting exposure, contrast, sharpening, dodging and burning.
Editing that involves custom retouching (removing pimples on skin, removing stains on clothing, etc...) is also available for an additional fee. Pricing for custom retouching would be given on a case by case basis depending on how complex the edit.

Do we get the rights to our photos?

Yes, you get full rights to print and share all of your images as often as you like, and with as many people as you like. They are your edited files. There is no fine print. There is no need to buy anything afterwards. The images are not watermarked. You can print 1000 4×6’s. You can make giant canvases. You can give copies to your parents and friends. I encourage the couples I work with to print and share as many images as possible.