Ironstone Ranch Wedding in the Rain Photo
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Ironstone Ranch Wedding in the Rain Photo

This rainy day wedding photo at Ironstone Ranch is the perfect example of making the best of any situation. We love when a couple is willing to deal with what mother nature gives them on their wedding day.

It started raining right around the start of the wedding reception. As soon as it got dark, I grabbed an umbrella from my car and asked the bride and groom if they were up for making a really cool photo. When I explained to them what the plan was, they got really excited. I set up my light inside the barn, ran out into the rain, and took this photo. I love how the backlight highlights all of the heavy rain (and I mean heavy). The entire thing took less than a minute from set up to having them back inside dancing the night away. This ended up being one of their favorite photos form the wedding day.

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Location: 1 Hollinger Ln, Elizabethtown, PA 17022.

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