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Wedding Planning Resources

Wedding Planning Resources

We have complied a list from the internet for all things wedding related. We hope that this wedding resources guide helps you with all of those little planning details.

Getting ready outfits for the bride and bridesmaids:

Plus a ton of getting ready outfit ideas

Groom and groomsmen custom print wedding socks:

How to tie a bow tie

How to pin a boutonniere

How to fold a pocket square

12 different ways to fold a pocket square

Personalized handkerchiefs for the wedding day

Send offs:

Wedding bubbles - Wedding bubbles are awesome for the end of the ceremony or for a reception photo op. The main issue with wedding bubbles for the ceremony is people forget to blow them. Many times the bubbles don't look awesome until after the couple has walked through them. There are 2 fixes for that.

1: Get a couple of kids bubble guns and give them to a few bridal party members. These look awesome and put out a ton of bubbles.

2: Put a loud bridal party member in charge of telling everyone to blow bubbles about 5-10 seconds before you are ready to walk out.

If you let the guests do it when they want, the bubbles will most likely look very light.

A few places for bubbles here, here, and here.

Confetti cannons - These make for awesome photos. We recommend getting 1 or 2 cases (12-24 cannons) Gather your wedding party and have them fire them off as you walk through. Check with your wedding venue to make sure they are allowed before purchasing.


A quick note about wedding sparklers...

Do buy the 20 inch or 36 inch versions. Any photo that you have seen of a sparkler exit on Pinterest, or any other wedding blog were done with 20 inch or 26 inch sparklers.

Do not buy the 10 or 12 inch versions. They look really bad in photos and they do not last long enough to get them all lit at the same time.

36 inch sparklers

20 inch sparklers

36 inch sparklers

20 inch sparklers

Giant glow sticks for send off and the dance floor. More of them here.

Misc. ideas and articles that you might find helpful:

Other resources from our website:

Getting ready tips

Wedding timeline tips

Engagement session tips

First look advice

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