Photographing a wedding at The Peter Allen House in Central PA is one of my absolute favorite things I get to do as a wedding photographer. The Peter Allen House is located in Dauphin, PA. Wedding photos from this gorgeous venue are always picture perfect.

One of the things that makes the Peter Allen House so amazing as a wedding venue (for me), is it’s beautiful landscape. A lot of people do not know this about me, but I started my photography career as a landscape/nature photographer in CA. When I first stepped onto the property of The Peter Allen House, I was blown away by how beautiful the grounds were. Add in an amazing historic house, and two of the nicest owners you will ever meet (Frank and Barbara), and there you have yourself the perfect wedding venue. Here are some of my favorite wedding photos from The Peter Allen House:

I love taking the getting ready photos in the Peter Allen House……..the rooms are absolutely stunning.

The beautiful grounds and landscape of The Peter Allen House make for amazing portrait and picture perfect wedding ceremonies…

The Peter Allen House can take on so many looks depending on the colors and style of wedding decor you choose…

And what better way to end a wedding at The Peter Allen House than with an amazing party. This is one of my favorite wedding images.

This was my first of 3 blog posts featuring The Peter Allen House. There were simply too many wedding images to put in one blog. check back in about a month to see part 2. In the meantime, enjoy looking through my other blog posts.